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Alice – State Library Victoria Wedding Producer

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Alice – State Library Victoria Wedding Producer

Introducing our State Library weddings magician, Alice Hall. A wedding industry veteran Alice has taken up the helm of what is about to become the most in-demand wedding location as the Library wraps up its $88 million redevelopment. Learn more about Alice and weddings at the State Library Victoria.

Tell us about yourself Alice?

Aside from coordinating the most beautiful and unique weddings, I love Latin dancing, wandering through art galleries, vintage book stores, going to the theatre and yoga!! I also have an adopted greyhound named Zen. Coincidentally, his favourite place to sleep is next to a bookshelf.

What first drew you to the Library?

After exploring the La Trobe Reading Room over many years, the space became one of my favourite places to study during university. The high ceilings are absolutely breathtaking. I simply cannot wait for the doors of Ian Potter Queen’s Hall, Hansen Hall and Conversation Quarter to open as I have such a great appreciation for architecture and history. All of which open to the public on December 5!

How long have you been involved in the weddings industry?

7 exciting years

What drew you to work as a wedding producer?

After being a floral designer for weddings for many years, my passion then grew for all the different elements of weddings, all the special details, and bringing each couple’s dream wedding to life.


With the State Library about to reopen after its huge development, what are you most looking forward to sharing?

I believe the State Library Victoria is now an icon for the wedding and events industry worldwide. So many couples are looking for a venue which has a magical quality – something which is unlike any other in Melbourne. I am so excited to share a unique wedding experience for each bridal party and their guests – especially the original skylights and paintwork of the Ian Potter Queen’s Hall from the 1800s.

What is a feature you think couples are going to love at the Library?

Pre-dinner drinks and canapes inside the La Trobe Reading Room and the moment they walk up the double marble staircase into the Ian Potter Queen’s Hall to see the detail in the architecture.

Imagine gazing up to the dome ceiling with a glass of champagne in hand…simply breathtaking.

Is there a theme or styling you would love to create and produce for a wedding?

What I love most about the State Library is the neutral colour palette. Wooden floorboards, natural light and ivory tones are the perfect blank canvas to suit any colour of florals/styling.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

As each couple is so unique, the most rewarding part of my role is understanding what is important to each couple and tailoring their package to suit their needs. As I am so detail-oriented, it is such a great feeling knowing each couple are looked after and their vision is brought to life.

From your past weddings is there a particular moment that stood out for you?

I will never forget one of the most recent weddings in the La Trobe Reading Room. They chose white hydrangeas and Phalaenopsis orchids across the tables. The look on the guest’s faces as they entered the space and saw the couple pouring into the champagne tower was phenomenal.

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What is your favourite style of cake?

My favourite style of cake is raspberry and white chocolate, I have a soft spot for fresh florals cascading down the front of a wedding cake. This adds a really special touch to tie in all the elements.

Food stations are a big hit nowadays, what’s your recommendation for a wedding?

The sky is the limit when it comes to food stations. These add an element of surprise for the guests and the perfect talking point for the two families to mingle. An oyster bar, an antipasto station with decadent cheeses or a dessert station are highly recommended for couples wanting to add something a little special.

With so many optional extras to choose from what’s a unique wedding addition that couples or their guests end up loving?

In my experience, guests absolutely love a Whisky Bar which opens during the evening, a cocktail on arrival or a sparkling champagne tower!

First dances, what seems to be the trend? A classic waltz, a fun medley or something in-between?

The first dance is such a special moment. Some couples will often choose their favourite song which is most meaningful, some couples may choose not to have a bridal dance and others prefer something really quirky – perhaps a flash mob dance with the whole bridal party, a salsa or hip hop dance or one partner may even sing to the other!

What makes weddings at the State Library different from any other place in Melbourne?

The wedding spaces at the Library are like no other in Melbourne. Often the couple and guests may not have been to the State Library in so many years, yet it holds such sentimental value for so many. In this sense, the guest experience is unexpected, incredibly exciting and nothing like they have experienced at any wedding before.

If there is one piece of advice you could give couples beginning their wedding journey what would it be?

My best advice is to be true to yourselves and choose a venue which gives you goosebumps the moment you walk into the space. It is your special day so I believe it is so important to choose a venue which will tailor the wedding perfectly to suit what you envision. It is easy to become overwhelmed in the planning process and this is where the Showtime team are here to support you, every step of the way, so you can relax and enjoy every moment.

Finally, if you could be in any movie, which movie would you be in and why? 

If I could be in any movie, I would be in Chocolat.

Alice is our dedicated Wedding Producer at the State Library Victoria.