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Keith Murdoch Oration 2019


Kieth Murdoch Oration

This autumn sees the return of the State Library’s signature fundraising event, Keith Murdoch Oration a biannual banquet dinner held in the illustrious Cowen Gallery on 16th of April.  With the purpose to both raise money and reflect the Library’s commitment to debate within the community on knowledge and culture the discourse is titled,  “Truth, Trust and Take.”

The event, hosted by news anchor Laura Jayse, will feature key note from Robert Thompson, CEO of News Corp and will be broadcast live via Skynews, giving this high profile event unprecedented access.


2014 Keith Murdoch Oration with Lachlan Murdoch speaking

Having commenced in 2001, the fundraiser has welcomed a wide range of noteworthy speakers of the years including the Honorable Paul Keating, Noel Pearson and Rupert Murdoch. It’s valuable support assisting in the Library’s public programs and preservation of an extensive collection of books and historical items, keeping alive the vision and literary passion of Sir Keith Murdoch.

Sir Keith was knighted in 1933, the same year he joined the Library’s Board of Trustees. His great ability, sound judgement, considerable drive and lively interest in literature shaped the Library into the great cultural and knowledge institution it is today. The legacy of Sir Keith’s work continues today through the generosity of his children and grandchildren. In 2001 the

Murdoch family donated $5 million towards an exhibition space in the Library, named the Keith Murdoch Gallery.

Keith Murdoch Gallery

For information about tickets or sponsorship for future Keith Murdoch Orations, please contact the Library’s Partnership Manager Elisabeth Kerdelhué on 03 8664 7591 or at [email protected].

For all media inquiries, please contact Matthew Van Hasselt at [email protected].